BBS Fordable Led Desk Lamp with 3 Layer Body Design

–Better Light Quality And High-Quality Built Material
– Touch Control & Flexible Settings
– Built-In Battery With USB Charger Compatible
– This LED Lamp is Sleek in Design

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Foldable Led Desk Lamp with 3 Layer Body Design

Product Description:

This amazing foldable led desk lamp comes with multi-level of brightness functions. The light is brighter and gives a feeling like the soft natural light. It is 3 times brighter then other LED lamps and can be folded at any angle. It lights in weight and provides superior performance. There is a powerful battery inside which makes it powerful and flexible to move with this lamp anywhere. This fordable led desk lamp is the best choice for night study, book reading, home decoration, laptop work, bedroom novel sturdy and much more.

Specifications of  Foldable Led Desk Lamp

1. There is No Strobe.
2. 90cm⊃2; super big light panel,
3. 180°foldable body and 180°adjustable lamp head,
4. Fordable Led Desk Lamp 3 Lighting mode Table Lamp: Low/High/Nightlight
5. LED Table Lamp Weight: 408g,
6. LED Desk Lamp Sizes: 150cm(L)*75cm(W)*320cm(H)
7. Lamp Light Watts:18W,
8. Built-in 800mAh Battery,

1*Desk Lamp
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